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Treating Foot Drop With Functional Electrical Stimulation devices

FES, or functional electrical stimulation technology, is used to apply a small electrical charge to a nerve or muscle that has become damaged due to damage to the spinal cord or brain. The small electrical charge stimulates the nerve to recover muscle function.

In MS (Multiple Sclerosis), functional electrical stimulation devices are primarily used to treat foot drop. Foot drop is a condition in which the disruption between the nerve pathways of the lower legs and brain occurs due to which the patient becomes unable to lift the front of the foot to the correct angle when walking.

Functional electrical stimulation technology is has been investigated in over 100 clinical trials and has shown to be helpful with hand and arm movement, swallowing, and walking. The future of FES is quite promising in MS that will ease the life of many patients.

How does a functional electrical stimulation device work?

A functional electrical stimulation device consists of a control box (about the size of a pack of cards that includes a battery), electrodes, and a cuff. Foot drop patients wear this device below the knee. It is where the electrodes stimulate the nerves, allowing the patient to lift the front of the foot normally.

This Electrical Stimulation for Foot Drop stops when the foot hits the ground again, and the process repeats itself with a customized program for the patients walking pattern.

Who can use a functional electrical stimulation device?

You may benefit from the functional electrical stimulation device if you experience difficulty walking due to foot drop. You must consult with your physician to determine whether Electrical Stimulation for Foot Drop is an ideal option for you.

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